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Benefits of Pre-Sleep Exercises

Benefits of Pre-Sleep exercises, many individuals consider exercise a part of their daily routine because of its many benefits, especially at the beginning of the day, but others prefer to practice it before bed.

Recent scientific studies say that bedtime exercises that include simple stretching exercises, and jogging and weight training exercises, can achieve the same result in a good and ideal sleep, as they are less likely to suffer from insomnia or sleepiness in the next day.

These exercises give you a good night’s sleep, and they also help to improve strength, endurance and muscle strength. For those who cannot find a suitable time to go to the gym and have some time before bed.

We will explain the benefits of pre-sleep exercises in this article.

Benefits of pre-sleep exercises

The benefits of sport for human health are many, as it helps in burning fats, removing toxins from the body and adding vitality and activity to a person.

But some do exercise before bedtime because of the multiplicity of its benefits, which are:

  • Exercises relax the various muscles of the body. Work to increase muscle size and strength.
  • Improving the work of various body functions.
  • It helps the individual fall asleep quickly.
  • Help deliver blood to all parts of the body.
  • Helping deliver oxygen to the body.
  • Work to burn the extra Fats in the body.
  • Get rid of negative energy, anxiety, and stress.
  • Get a calm, healthy sleep and get rid of nightmares.

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General benefits of exercise

General benefits of exercise

There are many benefits to exercising regularly besides improving the quality of sleep, and therefore the practice of these activities should placed within the daily schedule of tasks, and gradually include physical activity within routine life, and here are some general benefits of exercising:

Weight control:

Exercise, along with an appropriate diet, plays an important role in burning calories, avoiding obesity or gaining unwanted weight.

Control blood sugar and insulin levels:

Exercising helps reduce blood sugar levels and improves insulin performance in the body. And these two things help prevent diabetes and control such conditions in people who affected.

Reducing the risk of heart disease:

Exercise improves the performance of the heart muscle and blood circulation. Increases the amount of blood flowing and carrying oxygen to the organs of the body. And the exercise of physical activities reduces the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides responsible for many diseases. Such as; Arterial blockage, high blood pressure, and angina.

Improving mood and mental health:

During exercise, the body secretes several chemicals, which improve mood, and increase the feeling of relaxation, which reduces depression and psychological tension.

Quit smoking:

Exercise helps to get rid of smoking habits, by reducing the need and eliminating symptoms, and exercise helps to get rid of the extra weight that results when you quit smoking.

Reducing the risk of cancer:

Exercise prevents several types of cancer, such as; Colon cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, and lung cancer.

Improving sexual health:

Exercising reduces the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, also helps people with this condition improve sexual function, and exercise increases sexual arousal in women.

Pre-sleep exercises

There are many exercises that you can practice before bed, specialists recommend which, and these exercises are:

Arm and neck exercises:

  • It performs the work of the posture of prostration, it’s mean to direct the face to the ground and relying on the hands and knees.
  • Straighten the arms forward, with the seat touching the heels.
  • Push the body forward.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times before bed.

Back exercises:

  • Sleep on the back with nothing under the head.
  • Fold one leg and try to connect it to the upper chest for 15 seconds.
  • To repeat this step with the other leg.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Jogging and walking Pre-Sleep exercises :

Jogging and walking practiced before bed to eliminate insomnia and negative thoughts and you can do it through the following steps:

  • It preferred to walk while keeping the back straight, not bending forward while allowing the movement of the shoulders to be natural, and it does not require long steps, as you can walk slowly for half an hour.
  • Jogging You can switch between walking and jogging exercise at home or outside. Do this by walking for several minutes, then jogging for one minute, and so on for half an hour.

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Other exercises that help you relax before bed

Other exercises that help you relax before bed

Squatting exercise:

Where the squatting position taken with the hands behind the head, keeping the back not bent, then standing up and repeating the exercise 15 times in 3 consecutive sessions.

Push-up exercise:

Where the person lies on the floor with hands behind the head, and it raises the knees to the top of the chest, then the legs raised up and lowered again, with 20 repetitions.

Bending exercise:

The bending done until the hands reach the floor, with the extension of the leg muscles, and you can sleep on the floor with the leg raised up for 5 minutes before bed.

Stretching exercise:

Stand on all fours and bend the back in the upper direction. You can also stretch from the sleeping position with bending arms and breathe deeply until the knees touch the ground and continue for 4 minutes.

The relationship between sport and weight

There is no specific relationship between exercising before bed and weight gain or loss, as this is a relative matter that varies from one person to another, as some people get starving after exercising.

This makes him eat and then sleep directly, and thus weight increases in this case, while others do not feel hungry after exercise, which leads to burning more of the accumulated fat.

Thus, they lose a lot of extra weight, but there are some useful foods that preferred for people who exercise during the night, such as foods rich in carbohydrates.

And keep away from foods full of high calories, sugars and fat, and it is preferable to eat a meal two hours or more before exercise, to avoid feeling nauseous and heavy.

Exercises that aid in deep sleep

Exercises that aid in deep sleep

Breathing exercise: Sit up and straighten your back, take a breath and hold it for 10 seconds and gradually release it with a repetition of this exercise ten times.

Foot massage: where it has done after warming olive oil and a gentle massage on the bottom of the foot.

The reciprocal standing exercise: By standing up straight and supporting the back on the wall, raising one leg for a minute, switching it with the other leg, and repeating the exercise for another minute.

Damages exercises before bed

Despite the many benefits of sports before bedtime, some specialists warn of its harmful effects when exercising excessively, and among these damages are:

  • Doing strenuous exercise before bed strains the muscles.
  • Someone who practices bedtime exercises will have some bone pain, and this often occurs if they make incorrect movements.
  • When stressed, sleep is hard, which leads to stress and fatigue.
  • Affects the person with excessive activity, which makes it difficult to sleep.
  • Exercise may cause a feeling of hunger, which causes a person to gain weight by eating food right before bed.

Tips for Pre-Sleep Exercises

Exercising is one task that must have followed daily, as it maintains heart and lung health and reduces stress, and as previously mentioned, there may be many damages to exercise before bedtime, and there are many benefits, and one of the most important tips for exercising Before going to sleep:

  • Exercising at least half an hour before bed can avoid insomnia.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise. Simple or moderate exercise is sufficient.
  • We should practice relaxation before bed and after strenuous exercise. To relieve stress and reduce the level of the hormone adrenaline.
  • Avoid noisy places, and try to sleep in places are as far away from noise as possible, and we should prepare a comfortable place to sleep.
  • Trying to do some relaxing and relaxing activities, such as reading a book or listening to some relaxing things.
  • When you can exercise during the day, it recommended exercising it in times before sleep four hours, and when time is high, we can practice it half an hour before bed.
  • Doing exercises before bed in an appropriate period, we do not recommend it to sleep immediately after doing the exercises.

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The best time to exercise to improve sleep quality

Exercising is important in getting good sleep, and the timing of these exercises matters in this, and here are the best times for targeted exercise to improve sleep quality:

Early in the morning:

It is the best time to exercise for people who do not have any time during the day for such activities. Exercise in the early morning is a good option for people who need to continue their physical performance.

People who exercise in the morning experience a deeper sleep cycle than other people experience, and it is preferable to exercise in the early morning outside the home, to enjoy the sun’s harmless rays beneficial to the body and sleep.

Afternoon hours:

Afternoon exercise has many benefits for sleep and physical performance, because the body temperature is one or two degrees higher than in the early morning, and the muscles are more effective, which reduces the risk of injury, and aerobic exercises help get rid of insomnia.

Which leads to a rapid fall to sleep, and it believed that the reason for this is that this type of exercise increases the body temperature for four or five consecutive hours.

After which the internal body temperature decreases, which stimulates the mind and body to go to sleep.


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