Benefits of Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is one sport that some people are interested in practicing, according to a report published by bear grips.

The benefits of rope skipping are many and beneficial to the human body. As it helps to coordinate the feeling of agility while promoting physical development.

Steps of Rope skipping

Rope skipping is one of the gentle exercises that can practice with friends in the yards outside the home. In many forms and with easy steps. The following explains the steps, followed by a practitioner of rope skipping.

  • Choosing a suitable rope: It is necessary to take into account that the length of the rope used for jumping is appropriate so that the rope reaches the level of the player’s shoulder when folded in the middle, as this helps to avoid getting stuck during the jump, and it must have taken into account that the handles of the rope are of medium weight and easy to grip.
  • Standing and holding the rope handles: This includes holding both the rope handles in one hand and then extending the arms an appropriate distance and at an angle of 45 degrees. As this helps to give more space for jumping.
  • Skip the rope and swing it over the head: This is the basic step in the rope skipping exercise and includes jumping and skipping the rope and then lifting the rope up and swinging it over the head while avoiding hitting the head and repeating jumping and swinging again at the speed.
  • Making some adjustments to the rope skipping exercise: It is possible to add some modifications to the previous steps. Such as choosing a longer rope, for example, and the participation of over one player in the exercise.

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Benefits of skipping rope

The application of skipping rope requires jumping on a suitable surface and wearing comfortable shoes as the rest of the exercises require, with the need to warm up at the beginning, and the benefits that can get from the sport of skipping rope depend on how the jump is, and the doctor should be consulted if he cannot withstand the impact of jumping There are many benefits that a person can get because of practicing rope skipping, and these benefits include:

Weight Loss:

Weight Loss:

Rope skipping is one of the most important types of exercise that has great effectiveness in reducing the weight of the person who exercises it. This is due to the fact that rope skipping is the most type of sports that burn calories more than jogging, cycling or other sports.

Jumping off the rope for ten minutes is equivalent to running for about twelve kilometers. And studies show that practicing an hour of jumping rope enables a person to burn approximately 1,300 calories, and this number of calories is approximately half of what the body of an adult man burns over the course of a day Whole.

Improve coordination between body parts

The rope jumping exercise is one exercise that improves the coordination of the different parts of the body with each other.

As this sport works on the principle of using a regular movement of the body parts under a steady rhythm. And this rhythm improves the ability of coordination between hands, eyes, feet and even arms,

With passaging time and the practice of this sport repeatedly, coordination among the body parts becomes automatic without prior thinking and awareness of it.

Increased muscle tone

Increased muscle tone

Jumping rope is a good sport to stretch and build muscles.

Exercises in this sport use many of the player’s body muscles, starting from the muscles of the lower part of his body such as the thigh muscles and the muscles of the legs up to the muscles of the upper part of his body such as the shoulder muscles, the biceps, and the triceps muscle Heads and other muscles.

Increase bone density

Rope jumping is one of the best exercises that increase bone density and strengthen it.

According to what researchers specializing in orthopedics have showed, and the rebound movement that results from practicing rope jumping is of great benefit to the bones that a person cannot get through practicing other sports activities such as lifting Weights, for example, and improving a person’s bone density results in the bones becoming strong and healthy and difficult to fracture.

Reducing injury to the foot

Sports injuries, especially those that occur in the foot and ankle regions, are among the things that stand in the way of many players in different sports such as football, basketball or other sports, and the foot and ankle are the basis for carrying the weight of the human body, so these parts must strengthened.

And enhance her health, and we can do this through the practice of jumping rope, which has a prominent role in strengthening these parts and enhancing their health, which reduces the injuries that may inflict on them.

Increase brain health

Physical sports activities considered having a beneficial effect on brain health when they practiced periodically for a period of over twenty minutes at a time.

But this effect multiplied and strengthened when sports activities that require physical movements and mental focus such as jumping practiced because they are activities that include coordination and motor rhythm.

And jumping rope improves a person’s cognitive functions, which considered important abilities, especially when they get older.

Exercises in this sport involve learning new movement patterns, which reflected in improving communication between the brain, wrist, and other muscles that used during doing this sport.

Increase heart health

The practice of jumping rope is one of the most efficient types of sports activities in improving heart health.

And reducing the risk of developing any diseases related to this important part of the body during exercise. So the human heart is the basis of the circulatory system of the human body. And its good health reflected in its impact on the body’s organs.

All a stronger heart can pump more oxygen to the muscles, which increases a person’s physical performance and endurance.

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Improve breathing efficiency

Rope skipping considered one sport activity that has a great positive effect on improving the person’s breathing efficiency.

This reflected in the lack of fatigue or shortness of breath when practicing any of the other activities in a person’s life, especially those sports such as swimming, running, or other sports.

This sport is an appropriate exercise for the lungs to work more efficiently, because jumping rope makes a person breathe with difficulty and for a long period which increases the lungs’ ability to benefit as much as possible from the amounts of oxygen reaching them, and this whole matter reflected in the increased ability The player gains endurance by increasing the amount of oxygen the lung sends toward the muscles.

Happiness and reduce stress

Happiness and reduce stress

Rope skipping is one sport exercises that impact a person’s feeling of happiness, as they, like other types of exercise, stimulate the brain’s secretion of hormones that increase a person’s feeling of happiness and joy, such as serotonin, for example, and rope skipping reduces one’s feeling of stress and tension.

An effective way to combat the effects of anxiety and depression. And we must note it that practicing this sport enhances a person’s ability to remain calm in different life situations. This comes from the fact that practicing this sport requires coordinated, synchronized, ordered and coordinated movements. Which gives the practitioner of this sport the ability to calm down.

The benefits of skipping rope for boxers

Jumping rope is especially important for people who practice boxing. As it is one of the most effective methods of exercises and exercises for boxers.

And jumping rope increases the boxer’s endurance. It is also a great exercise for the boxer’s feet and improves their movement significantly.

Besides, it gives the player an exceptional ability to raise his feet and direct them towards any place he wants during the fight, and this benefit not limited to the player’s feet only.

Jumping the rope gives the player the ability to perform many repetitive movements, quickly and well. And this increases the strength of the muscle memory and improves coordination between the different parts of the body.

Other reasons for practicing rope skipping

There are many other reasons that may push a person to practice skipping rope besides the physical and mental health benefits that it brings to the player, and among these things are:

The possibility of practicing this sport anywhere. As you can practice it in the gym, at home, in the park, or even on the sidewalk.

A person’s ability to meet their exercise needs.

It is a sport that does not require exorbitant financial costs, as most of what we need to practice skipping rope is a special rope for this sport that can purchased from specialized sports stores.

The ability to learn to play this kind of sport quickly and without requiring much persistence and determination.

This type of sport includes different jumping activities. Such as normal jumping, jumping while playing soccer, double jumping and other different rope skipping activities.

Types of rope skipping exercises:

There are different rope skipping exercises:

Double digit:

It is one of the most common rope skipping exercises.

This pattern often requires high-speed performance to burn calories.

The density of the double jumps varies according to the speed and according to the height of the jump. Whether your feet are close to the ground or there is enough distance to pass the rope from them.

Overall, it helps in muscle flexibility.

Cross jumps:

This pattern needs to rest between jumps and not preferred for long periods of time.

And you jump with one foot after the other and repeat the movement as soon as possible, taking care not to twist your feet.

The difference between the two jumping styles is that double jumping involves jumping with both feet simultaneously and cross jumping involves jumping with one foot after the other.

One-foot jumping:

This type is a very advanced form of skipping sport that requires high skill in skipping and achieving balance.

And before you start, you can practice balance exercises, which are standing on one leg for a while.

Start by holding the handles of the rope well in your hands and raise the chest and shoulder forward. Then start jumping with one leg and keep the other leg raised in the air.

You should try to start with slow jumps, because rapid jumps can lead to leg injuries or falls.

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Is skipping rope enough?

This sport, like any other, helps you in losing weight, especially if you follow a healthy eating regimen.

But if you are one who practices skipping rope and does not hold his hand while eating. It will not achieve a result to your liking, even if you use a hundred ropes! This is a fact we say with every sport.

The secret to losing weight lies in a simple equation (exercise + healthy food + healthy eating habits + continuity).

Any breach of one of these basics means that the result will delay and the diet may fail.

And since persistence is one pillar of success in losing weight, you know that the only thing that kills continuation is boredom.

And for that we advise not to be satisfied with rope skipping, but to diversify between other sports such as walking and swimming, for example, this makes it more fun and increases the level of physical fitness.

Damage to skipping rope

Damage to skipping rope

Rope skipping expected to be a way to charge the body with energy and rid it of pain, but it often happens the opposite, and some question about the damage of rope skipping.

Usually the damage of rope skipping associated with the presence of wrong practices, such as wearing inappropriate shoes or jumping on an uneven ground.

Rope skipping damages resulting from these practices often lead to stopping practicing this sport before giving it sufficient time to judge it.

Although there is a possibility to treat many of the damage of rope skipping, there are some damages that require stopping this sport.

Including this Damage Exposure to severe injuries or persistent joint pain. Especially the knee, foot and ankle joints, as it is advisable to consult a doctor or physical therapist before continuing to practice this sport.

Reducing the damage of rope skipping

There are many strategies that you can follow to reduce the damage of skipping rope that help in maintaining the body healthy and without injuries and reduce the negative effects of skipping the rope on the joints, and here are some of these strategies.

  • Low-level jumping:

It recommended skipping the rope at low levels so that the legs rise from the ground to a slight degree only.

Especially for beginners and those who suffer from joint problems, and you can achieve the benefits of rope skipping even if it you practice it in a light manner.

  • Landing lightly on the ground:

One of the necessary strategies to reduce the damage of skipping rope is taking into account that the landing done lightly on the ground and avoiding strong collisions on the surface on which the player is standing, and the goal is to reduce the pressure on the feet.

  • Choosing a soft floor:

It is necessary that the ground on which the player stands provides comfort for him, such as standing on the lawn, for example, and in return avoiding hard floors as much as possible.

  • Wearing suitable shoes:

The type of shoe has a very important role in reducing the damage of rope skipping. It required that the shoes be comfortable and provide the support to the player.

Ideas to make skipping rope more fun

  • Practice it with others, whether family members or friends, to add enthusiasm and challenge.
  • If you are over one person, the rest of them clap with each jump, and the swirl speeds up according to the speed of the jump.
  • Vary between jumping with two feet together or jumping in sequence, preceding one foot of the other.
  • Trying to learn new rope skipping skills, and there are a lot of them on YouTube.
  • Share your daily jumps in social networks


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