Tabata training exercises are one of the best training methods and are easy, and do not need any equipment or a specific place for training, and you do not need a lot of time to train, however you will get excellent results.

By using the Tabata training method, you can train at home or anywhere you want, you only need a little time.

What Are Tabata Exercises?

It is a type of exercises related to cardio and aerobic exercises, and these exercises considered somewhat new, as they were not used or spread until after the year 1990, Tabata exercises discovered by Doctor Izumi Tabata and we named these exercises after him.

During this period, Doctor Izumi Tabata was looking for an alternative method and style of exercise that strengthens and enhances the energy of the Japanese Olympic Ski Team.

He focused his research on finding exercises aimed at making the body exert the maximum effort possible, and reach its muscles to the maximum performance, and that Depending on the internal effort and energy of the body without external effort and heavy weights, to return after the exercise with a large charge of energy and long for hours.

Of course, performing any intense and high effort will bring you to this stage, but it may cause danger to your health and the growth of your muscles and cause many muscle tears, so doctor Izumi Tabata resorted to a set of aerobic exercises that anyone can do with determining the time in which the body can withstand the effort These exercises.

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Tabata Idea

Many people are reluctant to exercise due to lack of time or the appearance of its results after a long period of regular exercise.

In Tabata exercises, a person exercises a group of exercises in a short time and addresses many problems.

As it works to enhance the body structure and losing excess fat in one step.

The Tabata program contains a simple set of exercises comprising 8 consecutive sessions with a break of 30 seconds – 1 minute.

There are many types of exercise within the Tabata program, which includes.

For example, wearing a stationary bike at home, training in boxing by hitting the boxing bag, playing rope, swimming, jumping in place, running in open spaces, abdominal exercises, lifting weights with toppings on both sides, and others.

The program does not adhere to a specific quality, time, or even a certain age group.

So a person can start with the exercises he prefers and is not exhausting, provided that eight cycles are repeated and the exercise is regular.

And the body burn calories after the first four minutes have passed, and heart patients must see a doctor before exercising and this exercise in particular.

The Most Common Tabata Exercises

The Most Common Tabata Exercises

Squatting, pushing up, jumping on the rope, running in the same place and stomach with a steady back on the ground.

Exercise method:

Tabata exercises depend on doing intense, fast and frequent exercises in a short time and taking quick intervals for rest between these exercises.

Doing the Tabata exercise requires 4 minutes, divided into 8 groups, training 20 seconds, and taking a 10 second break.

  • 20 seconds exercise.
  • 10 second break.
  • 8 groups, the number of repetitions of the exercise.
  • Total time 4 minutes.

In the twenty-second training period, a person should make the movements of the exercise with maximum effort and as many movements as possible.

Here, performance varies according to each person’s practice of Tabata exercises.

There are no specific number of movements for each exercise in twenty seconds,

but try to provide the greatest performance you can do.

Tabata exercises depend mainly on balance and stability,

the balance of the body and the stability of the position of the feet, shoulders, head and back is what the Tabata exercises depend on.

And this is what will make the Tabata exercises require a lot of focus and make them difficult exercises,

since these aerobic exercises are hard to implement and drain the maximum limits of effort and energy.

Experts have divided these exercises into two parts:

Tabata exercises for beginners:

Keep the same duration and sets of exercise, but in a different order

  • 15 second training.
  • 15 second break.
  • Total exercise 8.
  • Duration is 4 minutes.

The most recommended exercise for beginners is running in the same spot.

Tabata exercises for practitioners:

A person who has been practicing Tabata exercises for a long time can have more options that yield greater benefits and higher rates.

For example; Instead of doing 8 sets of exercises once, you can repeat this group twice and get 8 minutes Tabata exercises with a rest interval of one to two minutes.

And the exercise becomes:

  • Exercise 20 seconds.
  • Rest 10 seconds.
  • Duration is 4 minutes.
  • A break from one to two minutes.
  • Repeat the exercise.
  • Total exercise 16.

In addition, it is possible to do an alternative method of exercise that requires more effort, which is combining two types of movements with one exercise.

For example, instead of doing the squat movement for four minutes, we can combine the squat movement with the pressure movement with one exercise during the four minutes.

An example of a Tabata exercise:

  • Pushup (4 minutes).
  • Bodyweight Squats / Squats (4 minutes).
  • Burpee (4 minutes).
  • Climbing Exercises (4 minutes).

We start with the pushups and should be performed for 20 seconds at a high speed.

Then take a break for 10 seconds, then repeat the pushups for 20 seconds.

Once you’ve completed eight sets of pushups, take a one-minute break.

Next, move to the squat position and repeat the pose for 20 seconds, then take a 10-second break.

Once you’ve finished eight sets of squats, take a one-minute break, then do the burpee.

After the Burpees are done, take a minute’s break and then go through the climbing exercise.

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Benefits Of Tabata Exercises

Benefits Of Tabata Exercises

With time and research, we have concluded many benefits of Tabata exercise.

The topic did not stand as just exercises that give more energy and strength to the body. (Study)

Here is a list of the most benefits that these exercises provide to you when you practice them constantly:

Burn fat:

Tabata exercises have become, in our time, the most appropriate option for all people looking to lose weight.

Tabata exercises contribute to burning fat and losing weight, by increasing the metabolism rate, as it raises the metabolic rate about 15 times the basic rate in the body.

When doing this Intense training regularly, the amount of energy that the body burns during rest increases, and thus the higher the rate of energy burning, the higher the rate of burning of fat in the body.

Increase muscle tissue:

We associate muscular dystrophy with long sessions of steady cardio exercise, while we have shown the Tabata exercise regimen to increase levels of the hormone testosterone, which helps preserve muscle.

When you’re trying to lose some weight, it’s definitely the fat you want to lose, not the muscle.

When you lose weight or while on a diet or diet, there is a risk of not only losing fat but also muscle loss.

To keep the muscles in good shape, you need to work with them.

Increase stamina:

Strong Tabata exercises give you the ability to consume the largest amount of oxygen when you exercise and are known as aerobic capacity.

And these exercises also cause the maximum energy produced by the body in the absence of oxygen by burning carbohydrates and are known as the anaerobic capacity.

These two types of aerobic and anaerobic capacities provide an increase Great in stamina.

Disease prevention and health improvement:

Tabata exercises help improve your health, prevent some diseases, fight aging, and make you healthier and younger.

They have shown mitochondrial dysfunction to be an important component of various diseases associated with aging, such as type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Although your body’s ability to produce mitochondria decreases with age.

Research shows that high-intensity periods of work such as these can lead to mitochondrial biogenesis, which is the formation of new mitochondria in your cells.

Efficiency, flexibility and comfort:

Not having enough time is one of the big excuses for not exercising.

But, no matter how busy you are, all it takes is four minutes of this high-intensity workout to get a great workout.

HIIT And Tabata Exercises

You’ve probably done both types of exercises over a million times, but did you do them both?

Are they the same thing, or are they two separate styles of training?

What is the similarity between HIIT and Tabata exercises?

The Heet exercise and the Tabata exercise have two similar components:

  • Both focus on using maximum effort over short periods of time with only abrupt breaks.
  • We have shown both to burn fat, improve stamina and speed, and aid in weight loss.

Are HIIT exercises or Tabata exercises better for fitness?

Both options are great for burning fat and building muscle.

The results are shaped by mixed exercises in your circuit (and the effort you put in).

So, if the goal is to build muscle and bulk, go to the gym and do strength training.

If you’re trying to lose weight, do cardio exercises.

The Most Prominent Tabata Exercises To Burning Fat

The Most Prominent Tabata Exercises To Burning Fat


Stand up straight and open the feet with shoulder level, now pull the hip back and go down while keeping your knees stable behind your toes, stability in movement and straightness of the back and spine throughout the period of movement and balance is the basis of the Tabata exercises, so pay close attention to the position Hips, knees and shoulders, it will be difficult at the beginning, but with repetition, your body will become more flexible and flexible.

Most important points:

Place the neck straight, shoulders back just below the level of the ears, and put your hands forward during the squat to maintain balance and do a squat movement for 15 consecutive seconds while maintaining the back straight during the entire duration of the movement.

Stomach exercise

Lie on your back with your knees bent and the soles of your feet on the floor with your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders off the ground, 20 cm. And push back again and again.

Most important points:

  • Your lower back should stay on the floor.
  • Never move your hands and fingers behind your head.

Run in your place

Run in your place without moving forward or backward, we repeat our words Balance is important You must maintain your position while running with the stability of the hip and the position of the feet and their landing on the ground lightly and the straightness of the spine, at first you will lose your subject a lot, but a group behind a group will become Your posture is more stable.

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Most important points:

  • Raise your knees while jogging as much as possible and go down quietly every few left and right counts as one count.
  • Pay attention to straight back and look forward in order not to imbalance.
  • Moving hands forward while running with elbow level parallel to hip level.


If you are still at the beginning, it is preferable to reduce the time for training and increase the duration of the rest, that is.

Instead of exercising 20 seconds, make it 15 seconds, and instead of resting 10 seconds, make it 15 seconds.

Because you will reach the end of the eighth round and you have used up almost all of your energy

Do not worry about the exercises and movements that I mentioned in the article is suitable for everyone and you can practice it to lose weight and burn fat.

But do not pressure yourself and exert yourself too much.

These exercises aim to deplete the body’s energy almost completely and make it provide 110% of energy, but you are in the beginning do not rush on this matter because the heart And your blood vessels are still not ready for such exercises, and with practice and time you can provide that level

If you are an experienced person with Tabata exercises, some specialists recommend combining the exercises with each other in one group, this will give you more effective results, for example, instead of performing the squats within 4 minutes in eight groups, do the squats, stomach and running in your place, in one group, alternately.


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