Ways to Build Muscle Fast

Building muscles of the body means amplifying all the major muscles visible in the human body, where a body with a huge muscular structure considered a measure of the beauty of the body, and a sign of its strength, and therefore young people speed up the practice of sports to build their muscles.

Building muscles is by exercising them with specialized exercises that work to inflate the muscles of the body, and these exercises are repeats of a specific movement that strains the muscles and works to tighten them.

Types of Build Muscle sports


Is the major sport to inflate the muscles of the body, as it mainly relies on muscle exercises and protein-rich food.

Bodybuilding exercises depend on lifting heavy weights (such as iron and hand weights) repeatedly to strain the muscle, so the muscle collapses because of the great effort exposed to it, and the benefit of a diet that contains a high protein percentage comes to rebuild the damaged muscle fibers again in a greater and stronger way than It was.

They hold bodybuilding competitions in which the competition is a comparison between the bodies of competitors in terms of muscle mass and detail.

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Sports fitness

Physical fitness is a sport similar to bodybuilding, in which muscles amplified, but in a lesser way than bodybuilding, as practitioners of this sport focus on detailing and shaping the muscle rather than amplifying it, and this sport differs from bodybuilding exercises that it does not depend on pregnancy Heavy weights mainly, but exercises that benefit the body’s fitness.

Strength sport

Strength sport is a sport that relies mainly on carrying heavy weights, and we place no emphasis on the shape and detail of the muscle, but its ability to carry heavy weights (which is directly proportional to the size of the muscle).

Competition in it is for the amount of weight carried by one repetition of the three exercises: the squat exercise, the deadlift exercise, and the chest pressure exercise, and this sport depends on all the exercises that help increase the weight lifted.

Muscle amplification mechanism

Focus in the muscle during exercise:

The muscles of the body divided into 5 classes when desired to amplify, which are: the arm muscles (and divided into the biceps muscle, the triceps muscle, and the forearm muscle), the shoulder muscles, the back muscles, and the leg muscles.

The exercises used for each muscle category differ, so exercises for the back muscles, for example, different from exercises for the leg muscles, and so on.

Exercise stresses the muscle greatly and thus destroys the muscle fibers of that muscle, and protein used (either through food or synthetic protein products) to rebuild these fibers, as the body exploits the amino acids in protein to rebuild the muscles (whose fibers also formed) From amino acids, the muscles rebuilt so they are bigger and stronger than before; This is to adapt the muscle to the repeated exertion got.

Top 5 Ways to Build Muscle Fast

To speed up amplifying muscles in the sport of bodybuilding, there are some recommendations and advice that practitioners of this sport ignore, and which, if you focus on them, will improve the results of the exercise.

Focus in the muscle during exercise:

One of the most important factors that affects the quality of the exercise and its results is the concentration in the muscle that is being exercised without the other, as the person must feel the tension of the muscle during the exercise.

One of the common mistakes among bodybuilders is to lift weight regardless of the muscles used during exercise, for example, in leg muscle exercises, a person relies on his lower back muscle more than the leg muscles, and this is not what required, but he must focus on muscles The leg is to tighten during exercise, to ensure results for the leg muscles, and to avoid serious injuries such as a herniated disc in the lower back muscles.

Weight gain or repetition during exercise when able:

Consistency in exercises on portable weights and the number of repetitions will lead to stability of muscle size after a while. As the muscle will get used to the effort spent.

There are three solutions to this problem, namely:

  • Increase the amount of weights lifted during exercise while fixing the number of repetitions.
  • Try to Increase the number of iterations while fixing the amount of weights lifted.
  • Increase the amount of weights lifted and the number of repetitions as well; this is the best solution to this problem.

It is worth warning not to resort to these solutions we confirm unless the ability to do so to avoid severe injuries, such as slipped discs, muscle tears, and joint dislocations.

Increase your daily protein intake:

Protein is the main nutrient for building muscle, as it contains the amino acids necessary for the muscle, and any deficiency in it from the daily need of a bodybuilder (according to the person’s weight) will lead to the breakdown of the fibers without rebuilding them, and thus the muscles will not enlarge even with exercise.

The amount of protein increased by foods rich in it, such as eggs, meats of all kinds, and cheeses (preferably low-fat), or by artificial protein products, such as whey protein.

Increase the hours of sleep:

The sleep period is the best period during which the body rebuilds muscles, besides that sleep relaxes the body and provides it with energy for the next day.

Therefore, the lack of the hours of sleep required per day leads to slow muscle inflation, and there will be no Energy to perform exercises as required.

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Avoid habits harmful to health

There are many reasons that harm the body and slow down enlarging muscles, including:

  • Smoking and drinking: smoking of all kinds weakens the blood circulation and the lungs significantly.
  • Drink soft drinks: they lead to osteoporosis and weight gain, and they also contain large amounts of caffeine, which is harmful if too much.
  • Eating fried foods and fast meals: they contain large amounts of harmful fats and cholesterol, and thus will lead to an increase in weight.
  • Taking contraband: its damages are many and multiple, and it can lead to death.
  • Taking steroids: Although it quickly enlarges the muscles, there are many harmful and side effects, such as infertility, imbalance of hormones in the body, and leaving them will lead to muscle atrophy and sagging.

How to build muscle fast at home bodybuilding program

Build muscle quickly at home and do exercise effectively. Does not require an expensive gym or advanced muscle-building equipment, you can get results just by using your body weight. Many ask about how to build muscle at home.

Here are six muscle-building exercises that will help you build muscle in the fastest time without sports equipment, and you will see results with you in a short time.

1. Running or walking helps build muscle quickly

Running or walking helps build muscle quickly

Build muscle in the fastest time at home you do not need an expensive treadmill or orbitrac, you will only need your legs and two pairs of shoes in excellent condition.

If you focus 80% of your energy on cardio, you will experience a wonderful transformation in your body: says Ashley Marriott, author, trainer and fitness expert from Los Angeles.

Their diet is pure and the cardio exercises they contribute to a great burning of calories.

Marriott focuses on an important key point in his speech and says: When you do cardio exercises, whether you are walking or running, focus carefully on your belly button.

Don’t just focus on your heartbeat, focus on your stomach and pull it up. You will then notice an increase in strength.

2. Squats: exercises at home to build muscle

Squats: exercises at home to build muscle

Crossing squats is one of the best muscle building exercises you can do.

We consider it one of the easiest exercises that gradually helps to move after more hard exercises; Meanwhile, you depend on it, as your body develops and start getting better results.

How to do it: Stand on your feet shoulder width apart and extend your arms in front of you or behind your head.

Start by pushing back your hips and buttocks, then bend to knees.

Look straight ahead and keep your chest up and flat. You must keep the back in a neutral and flat position throughout the movement.

Get down as much as possible, then return to the starting position by pressing the heel and fixing it to the floor while ascending.

The heel should remain stable under weights throughout the exercise. (Pictured above, an illustration of the correct squat exercise.)

3. Exercise push-up contributes to building muscle and burning fat

Exercise push-up contributes to building muscle and burning fat

Push-up exercise contributes to building muscles for beginners and targets the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps, and is essential in building muscles quickly and also contributes to getting strength for the entire body.

It is one of the best muscle building exercises in the body, so please do not neglect it.

How to do it: Place your hands on the floor slightly wider, shoulder width apart, and lower your body until your chest almost touches the floor.

Tighten your buttocks and contract the abdominal muscles well while lowering and lifting your body. Keep your elbows close to your sides to protect your shoulders from injury.

If you cannot push your body up, it is easy to do the same movement, but your knees must bent a little and kept on the ground, or do push-ups on a sloping place to make it easier for you to lift your body.

Example you can lean against a wall first. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the wall, stretching the center of your body, then press up and down on the wall or on the floor.

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4. Crunching exercise helps build body muscles quickly

Crunching exercise helps build body muscles quickly

The crunching exercise helps build core strength and can give your stomach a lot of strength, but doesn’t let it take over the program.

Because it is a small part of a comprehensive plan to build major strength and build muscle at home, it is an important exercise for overall body strength and muscle growth.

“Young people who want to have large, sculpted abs sometimes may be unrealistic.

I have to tell you that if you have a high mass index and a healthy body and feel good, then maybe your genetic makeup will not give you sculpted muscles.” The genetic factor plays a big role in determining the form. ”

How to do it: Lie on your back on a rug.

Bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Find your arms in front of your chest. Lift your shoulders to the ceiling with your abs and stop at the top for the movement.

Do not lift your entire back off the ground, as you may tire your back. Exhale and contract your stomach muscles as you go up. Inhale and drop slowly until your shoulders are flat on the floor.

Don’t step back too quickly, control and focus on the movement. Assign from two to three groups of 10 heating groups.

5. The Legs Switch Exercises at home to build muscle

How to do it: While standing, keep your feet parallel to your hips wide, take a big step forward with your knees bent 90 degrees.

Keep your knees parallel with your ankles and keep your shoulders parallel with your hips. Take another step and repeat the process until you are tired.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps for each leg. Include cardio exercises with them, such as jogging or walking around the house.

When you combine leg exercises and cardio exercises, you will give your body the stimulation to build muscle in no time.

6. The triceps diving exercise is one of the best muscle building exercises for beginners

Once again, Marriott says: “The back of the arm is a difficult place for some athletes to grow, and this is due to the genetic factor, and it may be the last place where muscles grow quickly for some athletes, so watch your caloric intake and get more cardio exercises.”

How to do it: In a triceps diving exercise you need not use a parallel machine or weights, you need a chair and your weight will do the trick.

When sitting on the edge of the chair, place your hands on the edge of the seat with the knuckles facing forward? With your legs bent and pointed forward 90 degrees, your shoulders are down, your elbows close, and your elbows slowly bent at a 90-degree angle, with your buttocks lowered to the floor. Take a break and then return to a seated position while maintaining pressure on the heels of your hands.

Try to do two or more sets of 10 reps until the triceps muscle becomes tired.

7. The barbell exercise fix is important in building body muscles at home

The barbell exercise fix is important in building body muscles at home

All you need for a leech exercise is an iron bar installed between two columns at home.

Hold two wide bars parallel to the shoulder width and your hands are facing you. Attach it full range up. Raise your body until your chin reaches the top of the bar.

Take a slight pause and then lower your body. Re-ascend and focus closely on isolating your back and biceps.

Do not swing and keep your balance! Good luck for everybody.

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